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"Sarah is an integral part of my 'riding team', and has the critical role of helping my horse, HuRa, and me stay fit, supple and sound. While I had used Sarah's skill for some time and was well convinced of her abilities, HuRa, when I first introduced him to Sarah over two years ago, was initially very skeptical about having anyone treat him.

He soon discovered, however, that her intuitive skill underpinned by some of the best training in her field was able to facilitate excellent lasting results for challenges he had been facing due to his age, years of hard work and the onset of osteoarthritis.

HuRa now 'directs' Sarah when she treats him, and is a very engaged participant in every treatment.  Sarah continues to work with HuRa and me on a regular basis, and proactively works alongside our other 'sports specialists' including trainers, vets, farriers and acupuncturists to ensure we both perform to our peak.  The results are extraordinary, with many in the dressage community asking what I have done to Ra that has made him so much more supple, forward and happy in his work. I am convinced that neither Ra nor I would be able to compete as we do without Sarah's special skill.  I will be continuing to use her for myself and any horse that I have in the future."


Robbie Greenslade & HuRa

Releasing tightness through the poll region.