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From problem solving to

high performance

Physiotherapy for horses can be very effective. Following injury or postoperative rehabilitation there are many methods to enhance the recovery. Hands on techniques to aid physical condition alongside guidelines for appropriate activity lessons and shortens the negative effects of injury and surgery.

Physiotherapy is also appropriate for horses who are not injured but who are coming back into work, in full work or performing at any level of competition. Training can be more successful with the appropriate management. This not only improves conditioning but also reduces the risk of injury.

Sarah treats all shapes and sizes from miniature horses to clydesdales and anything in between.

From yearlings to aged horses, from trekking ponies to adult riding club to professional horses.

“Sarah is an integral part of my 'riding team', and has the critical role of helping my horse, HuRa, and me stay fit, supple and sound.”

Robbie Greenslade & HuRa



Sarah starting to work into the tightness at the base of the neck.